After an exhaustive search for an instructor that was willing to teach two generations in one household, (my daughter and I were both total beginners) we were delighted to find Anthony.  He is using two teaching methods to deal with our different skills and learning styles and he bounce quickly and gracefully between the two.  Sunday mornings are a joy-filled time at our house as it fills with imperfect (but improving) music, laughter and a newly learned love of music.  We feel very grateful that we could fit into Anthony's schedule.


Sarah and Amelia , Toronto.

I enjoyed having Anthony as my piano teacher. 

Anthony is very patient and extremely knowledgeable.

Anthony is professional, pleasant and cordial. I learnt a lot from him and I feel that my piano playing has improved since I started learning with him.

Gili, Toronto

Anthony is a very talented piano teacher that knows how to teach my seven year old son to focus and learn, while having fun at the same time.

Steve, Toronto

Both my sons look forward to their weekly lessons with Anthony.  He has been very flexible and accommodating in scheduling lessons and has been coming to our house since August 2017.  Both my sons have progressed very well under Anthony’s tutelage and have grown in confidence with their music playing.  Anthony’s teaching style is adaptable to both my son’s very different learning styles and he is able to find what motivates and works for each student.

Elaine, Toronto

We were so happy to find Anthony, my daughter was losing interest in piano ,we so wanted her to continue her practice and Anthony got my daughter excited about piano again.
He's the perfect mix of young , hip, fun to intrigue my 8 yr old and firm discipline with a great sense of humour to please me.
We look forward to years of lessons ahead, or however long he'll have us.

Kate, Toronto

My children were on a break from piano with their previous teacher because they weren't enjoying the lessons. After restarting with Anthony they now look forward to piano lessons and are progressing much quicker than with their first teacher. Music is fun again!

Rachel, Toronto

Student: Anthony is AMAZING!!! And he's funny. I love piano.


Parent: Anthony is a talented and friendly teacher who can foster a love of music while still encouraging discipline and skill through practice. Now that's impressive! His respect for the potential of his students is clear through all his efforts for the year end recital, which gives his students not only a chance to play beautiful music, but to grow as confident individuals who appreciate their own accomplishments as well as the hard work of others. So happy to have found him and to have the chance to regularly hear laughter and piano floating through the house. 

Anya and Jovanna, Toronto

Anthony has been teaching piano to my daughters, ages 5 and 7, since September of 2016 and Anthony is a great teacher! We moved to Toronto just recently and was very glad to find a good teacher to continue my daughters' piano lessons. I have seen improvements in my daughter's skills and they really enjoy their lessons. Anthony is very motivating, patient, and knows how to teach what could be complex piano skills to young children. 

Joan, Toronto

I am a new student with Anthony,  and starting piano lessons at age 65.  I find Anthony to be very encouraging and a brilliant teacher.  In a very short time I am now able to play simple tunes with both hands. I look forward to future learning with Anthony.

Paul, Toronto

I have restarted studying Musical Theory with Anthony after a 25 years gap. I consider myself a beginner, but with Anthony’s help and patience – with my many questions of all kinds of music,  probably disrupting his organized programme – he makes me feel as if I were a part of it. I feel I am recapturing the enthusiasm I used to have for that kind of learning. Our lessons are truly fun and he is always ready to satisfy my curiosity. Thank you Anthony, I am looking forward to learning a lot with you. Thank you also for your sense of humour.

Irene, Toronto

Anthony and I have worked together for performances and recordings since 2011 and he has always been fantastic. He always has a great enthusiasm which he not only brings into work, but also carries out to audiences in performance, and in his teaching. If Anthony were to come back to the UK again, I would love to work with him, and I would recommend him as a tutor. He has a fantastic work ethic and a brilliant personality for working and engaging with people, as well as a talented and sensitive musicianship.


Candida, UK

Anthony is a wonderful music teacher when it comes to making the piano lessons fun for my 6 year old son.  His positive energy and great charisma is what really sets him apart from others. 

Kelvin, Toronto

Anthony has made learning to play the piano a most enjoyable experience while still challenging me to do my best. The lessons are both inviting and insightful. They are often the highlight of my week.

Jeff, Toronto

Anthony's personalized, energetic and enthusiastic approach to teaching has engaged both of our boys (ages 7 & 10).

They look forward to their weekly lessons & rarely need to be asked to practice.

If you're looking to engage your kids in music, I can't recommend Anthony highly enough as a piano teacher.

Natalie, Toronto

Parent: Anthony is professional but very approachable and very likeable. He is very organized and always lets us know what is happening with our kids and with the progress they are making.


Kids: Anthony is very patient and teaches us by [scaffolding] instructions so that they are easy to understand. He makes the lessons enjoyable.

Ingrid, Toronto

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